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Wilton Selectboard discusses MCA grant for high-speed internet

Chris Lynch, Matrix's Director of Business Development, New England Division, visited a Selectboard meeting in November of 2022 to share an exciting opportunity to the town of Wilton to upgrade their internet access.

Previously, only 500 houses would be eligible, but Maine Connectivity Authority (MCA) has changed their way of discerning who is eligible for the grant, meaning the whole town of Wilton can be eligible. MCA provided new data showing that 1,500 houses in Wilton are eligible.

In addition, Lynch was proud to report more good news for the residents. The grant application has been provisionally approved by the MCA. If it is accepted, the town will receive over $3.7 million in funding. The grant will also cover Perkins and Washington Townships.

The MCA will have final approval of the application on February 13. It will then be passed on to the board and finally decided on February 24. Lynch is hopeful that Wilton will receive the grant.

We look forward to updating you on the progress of the project. Be sure to check back soon!

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