Alburgh, VT

A Broadband

The future is in your hands.

Here at Matrix Connected Fiber, we are working tirelessly to bring your goal of a Fiber to the Home network to reality, but we can't do it without you!

Early Subscribers

In order to build the fiber to the home network, we need a certain amount of residents to subscribe for service.
You can sign up to be a early subscriber below!

Current Early Subscribers:


Subscribe Now and Save

Early Subscribers get exclusive savings on the your homes installation cost, and with each new subscriber we get one step closer to making your network a reality.


How else can you help?

Talk to your neighbors!

Community support is the most effective way to get what we need to build a fiber optic network for Alburgh VT. With enough subscribers, we will be able to fund the construction of the network with confidence, knowing that the residents of Alburgh will take advantage of it when it is complete.


So building grassroots support with your neighbors is the best way to make Alburgh's fiber to the home network a reality.